"It comes to him as he gazes that the being above him is indeed a female, in fact, a girl — a nice girl who just happens to be, in some sense, a thirty-meter giant manta-ray or whatever.
He is in no condition to criticize this."

-Up the Walls of the World by James Tiptree, Jr

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Haunting photo of a car graveyard in the woods in Chatillion, Belgium, a relic from World War II. These cars were most likely abandoned in traffic by people fleeing invading German forces.

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Out Yonder


fish fly
clouds swim
ravens sing in tune

frogs dance
on blue lily pads

an owl drinks tea
with a loon

Azuki Lynn

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Beetle Inspires Whiter Paper, Plastics, Paints

The physical properties of the ultra-white scales on certain species of beetle could be used to make whiter paper, plastics and paints, while using far less material than is used in current manufacturing methods.

The Cyphochilus beetle, which is native to South-East Asia, is whiter than paper, thanks to ultra-thin scales that cover its body. A new investigation of the optical properties of these scales has shown that they are able to scatter light more efficiently than any other biological tissue known, which is how they are able to achieve such a bright whiteness.

Read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news/2014/08/beetle-inspires-whiter-paper-plastics-paints

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Michael George Haddad

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Our Earth is peppered with some 20,000 tons of stardust a year. Scanned from Wonderland of Science. 1930s.

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Speculative fiction writer Octavia Butler died in 2006, but two unpublished stories discovered in her archives were recently released as an e-book, called Unexpected Stories

In her review of the book, K. Tempest Bradford writes:

In both stories Butler is able to create a whole world and a whole history out of very few words, by centering them on women who suffer no illusions about the worlds and circumstances they live in. She addresses race and class head-on as well as in metaphorical terms. And as Walter Mosley points out in his introduction, she was doing this “[l]ong before [she] changed the face of science and speculative fiction, the landscape of the potentials of literature.”


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For Bloomsday and general delight, Djuna Barnes’s hand-drawn portrait of James Joyce, accompanying her remarkable 1922 profile-interview of the author – the most significant one he ever gave.

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Annotated passage in Beasts of No Nationby Uzodinma Iweala, page 22.

Uzo was annotated!

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She put down the top of the convertible, watching as it slowly withdrew like a snake shedding its skin. She loved this kind of moment when something ordinary could be made to seem dramatic and exciting. If only her whole life could be that way."

-Natsuo Kirino’s Out (via samyaos)
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And the old man spoke and the young man listened and the young man spoke and the old man hooted and they fell around a corner of Universe away out of sight, eating and talking, talking and eating, the young man biting gumball foods, the old man devouring sunlight with his solar-cell eyes, and the last that was seen of them they were gesticulating and babbling and conversing and waving their hands until their voices faded into Time and the solar system turned over in its sleep and covered them with a blanket of dark and light, and whether or not a rescue ship named Rachel, seeking her lost children, ever came by and found them, who can tell, who would truly ever want to know?"

-Ray Bradbury, from “G.B.S.–Mark V” (via the-final-sentence)
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